Studio Y Creative believes in conscious gifting. We want to create beautiful, innovative and ethical products that lessen the impact on our beautiful world.

To achieve this, we:

  • Are 100% Australian owned and made 
  • Are female-led
  • Use plastic-free packaging
  • Source all products ethically

Our Seeded Products

Our seeded paper is a labour of love. Each piece is hand-crafted and made using only recycled paper. Recycled paper is collected from local organisations, businesses and schools. It is then shredded and mixed into a pulp, where seeds are added. To create sheets, paper making frames are dipped into the pulp mixture, where they are then dried and flattened.

Alongside mindful production, we want to promote mindful consumption. This means we only produce what we sell (i.e. we only make on demand). We feel this is incredibly important to the environment as it reduces unnecessary commercial wastage. 



We are also committed to reducing our impact on the planet through environmentally conscious packaging. All of our orders are packaged as plastic free as possible.

  • We use eco-friendly, soy ink dyed, acid free mailers, boxes and tissue paper from noissue.
  • Our packaging is either recyclable or home compostable.
  • We do not individually wrap our cards and gift tags in plastic
  • All of our mailers use a double-adhesive strip that you can re-use.

A little note from our founder 

Cards are a long-standing staple of recognising and celebrating special events.  However, in the era of mass production, new cards often look and feel the same, and many will eventually get tossed away and forgotten.

At the same time, while cards are typically gifted for notable occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, there are also many other opportunities to gift cards for which there just isn’t the right card - letting someone know you miss them, or how special they are to you. Cards can be for those special milestones and for everything in between.

Recognising how words can really make someone’s day, Studio Y Creative brought together a love for doodling, a need for cards that suit everyday occasions, and a love of flowers to create a range of specially designed seeded cards. Sometimes it’s hard to put in words just how special someone is - these seeded cards go further by letting your words bloom into a beautiful flower.

We believe the words inside a card is the cherry on top, without it - the gift is simply incomplete.

The cards are more than just a card, it’s a gift that will literally bloom.

Love, Y